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Lynda: You're sulking, Kenny.
Kenny: Lynda, I am not sulking.
Lynda: Is it because I rejected your computing article?
Kenny: I didn't know you rejected it.
Lynda: You thought it got torn in half by accident?
Kenny: Oh, breaking it to me gently were you? No, it's not because you rejected my computing article.
Lynda: Is it what I said about your mother?
Kenny: What did you say about my mother?
Lynda: Oh nothing. C'mon Kenny, what is it?
Kenny: Well, if you have to know, it is something you said.
Lynda: What?
Kenny: Lynda I do not like "everybody."
Lynda: Kenny that was just something I said in the heat of the moment. Don't take it to heart.
Kenny: I'm sick of people thinking I'm just this reasonable, decent, likeable guy.
Lynda: Oh nobody thinks that.
Kenny: There are lots of people I don't like.
Lynda: Yeah?
Kenny: Well of course.
Lynda: Name one.
Kenny: What?
Lynda: I'm curious. Name one person you really hate. Who's top of your personal hit list?
Kenny: Well I wouldn't like to single out who I hate the most.
Lynda: Why not?
Kenny: Well it wouldn't be fair on them.
Lynda: You really do like everyone, don't you?
Kenny: Oh, I don't like Mr. Cavendish the maths teacher.
Lynda: Well nobody likes him, he's a half-dead, senile, old psychopath!
Kenny: Oh Lynda, he's not that bad.
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